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Uber: BOOcharest!

For Halloween, any regular Uber ride could turn into a ‘haunted’ ride, with a little from the voice of famous actress, Maia Morgenstern.


Day in and day out, Uber strives to take riders any place they want to go to. But can Uber take you to see haunted places in your city?


With the help of a soundtrack narrating a trip around iconic (and haunted!) places in town, riders got to see a new side of Bucharest.


To promote the immersive activation, we even had three specially decorated  ‘haunted’ cars give a limited number of tours.


Thousands of listens, tons of user-generated content and multi-million campaign reach: Uber confirmed its a pioneer in crafting journeys.

Netflix - AOTD - Dice

4 haunted destinations, 20 minutes of hair-raising stories narrated by Maia Morgenstern.

Influencer Andrei Ciobanu
Andrei Ciobanu
Influencer Cotogana
Influencer Ionut Rusu
Ionuț Rusu
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