Nov 19, 2016

A chatbot hired our newest team member

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written by Tuio

In august, we sought to hire two new interns, to add potential talent to the team. We thought we could go the old, familiar and somewhat boring way or try something that hasn’t been done before.

There was a small problem we identified in the usual way of hiring – you only judge most candidates based on a piece of paper, which makes is hard to judge accurately.

We wanted to know their interpretations of the current digital media, but also if they would make a good team player.

Not all the candidates have their voice heard, since only a small portion reaches the interview phase. That is a premise for losing talent. We thought a chatbot act as a interviewer to both test the technology and do something more that what the usual hiring practices involve.

At the end of the process, we exchanged a total of 6000 messages. There were 200+ conversations held. Many conversations were sparked out of curiousity for the technology behind. We received 75 resumes out of which we chose six potential members.

The best choice out of the six is now our new art director.

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