May 5, 2018

Unpollute your skin: PoluApp by Yves-Rocher

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written by Tuio
PoluApp - Aplicatie Poluare

Last year we started a conversation for Yves-Rocher (article in Romanian) on the topic of skin pollution – a term we coined describing the negative effects of pollution on the skin – particularly in urban areas.

Having had tremendous success in engaging a sizable community, we drove the Elixir Jeunesse line of skincare products the become the brand’s top seller. This spring, we sought to expand on the previous campaign’s results and delve deeper into the effects of pollution on our skin.

Now that the Yves-Rocher audience was aware of the general negative effects of urban pollution on skin, such as premature aging and depigmentation, how could we drive home the message to individuals about pollution in their particular daily routines?

In our search for an effective and creative solution we partnered with an Israeli startup specializing in mapping pollution data around the world in order to bring real-time information, literally, to our audience’s fingertips. This is how PoluApp was born.

We worked with and tweaked the existing algorithm, packaging everything into an attractive web application developed in-house at Tuio. Any address introduced into the app instantly reveals easy to understand information: the pollution level, main pollutant and it’s effects on skin.

In the first 30 days since launch we registered close to 10k visitors, checking pollution at over three thousand locations, and close to two thousand results shared from the app via social media. The app recently made news, receiving positive coverage from press, influencers and more.