Dec 22, 2016

We made our move: Tuio has a new office

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written by Tuio

After five years in our old office it’s with a bittersweet (but mostly sweet!) heart that we bid it farewell, as we move to our brand new HQ in the building known as Palatul Universul. Let’s take a moment to reflect on both the old and the new.

Our relocation comes as our agency outgrows its former office space (which by the way, once seemed impossible to fill) but it also reflects a change in our culture as a digital agency. We think our new offices reflect who we are today, as a team.


While entirely refurbished, the new offices are actually inside an old industrial building. Known as Palatul Universul (Universul Palace) the building used to host the Universul newspaper back in 1930. The iconic building borders one of Bucharest’s most beautiful parks, Cismigiu.

Tuio Office PanoramaIn a building full of creative spaces and people, we’re on the top floor. The attic offers high ceilings and what feels like unlimited creative possibilities for our digital agency.

Cozy yet spacious. The client service, partner and creative teams to the left, open space for in-office sports and other such activities to the right.

Palatul Universul - Ion Brezoianu



With so many great memories to look back on from our Unirii offices, we thought we should enshrine a few of them right here. We’ll miss the roof top lunches, the view with its sunsets which surprised us every time and the lady at the building entrance (more about her and our old hood here).

Unirii Boulevard Tuio

Sunsets not created on the computer screen of a digital agency. IRL.

The view from our old office building on Unirii. Not bad for a digital agency.

Building a digital agency isn't only virtual. It takes a bit of elbow grease too.

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