Oct 15, 2013

Take-aways from the Facebook events at Internet & Mobile World 2013

written by Tuio
We haven’t had much time for conferences lately, but some of us did make it to day two of IMWorld.

No extensive reviews here, just a few take-aways from the All Things Facebook presentations by Serhad Bolukcu (CEE Market Manager, Facebook), Weronika Sobolak (CEE Client Partner, Facebook) and Angelique Schierz-Crusius (Global Digital Strategist, Capcom):

  • Stop chasing likes, focus on real KPI’s instead. This is something we’ve been preaching for quite some time now, although we still get asked from time to time how many likes we can generate over a period “x” of time or “y” amount of money. I loved the moment where Serhad pointed out that he hears people talking about number of likes way to often whenever he’s in Romania.
  • Leverage the mindset of people. An obvious point, but something we need to tell ourselves more often. Instead of thinking just about what you need to communicate, think about your needs in the context and through the eyes of the consumer. Obviously, Facebook linked this to the concept of targeting, which makes sense.
  • Divided attention. Even as Serhad was speaking he pointed out that he was actually competing for the attention of participants. Facebook can help in the so-called ‘attention economy’ since people spend a disproportionate amount of time on the network. This point is very much in line the integrated approach Facebook is pitching these days.
  • App Budgets. This was particularly interesting, but not surprising: Facebook recommends a 20% budget on implementation and 80% on promotion. I don’t think we’ve ever allocated this much to promoting an app, even in highly successful campaigns. It’s an interesting indicator from their point of view, none-the-less.
  • Facebook isn’t perfect. Serhad got a question, or a complaint rather, concerning the difficult usage of the Power Editor, at which point he admitted that while the tools offered by the platform itself are always improving, at some point you need to reach out to 3rd party tools.