Jan 15, 2015

Win big with Sephora Beauty Jackpot

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written by Tuio

We asked ourselves once: “what would a social media contest would look like in real life?” Then we got that exact question in the form of a brief, and immediately started working on what would become the Sephora Beauty Jackpot. Now how did that question pop up over at Sephora?

Anyone familiar with social channels such as Facebook or Instagram knows that contests are frequently posted by brands in order to generate engagement and grow their online communities. But contests have lost their shine and become boring over time – Sephora knows this too.

Instead of using a regular Facebook post for a contest, we designed a physical casino-like slot machine. We connected it to a huge screen and integrated it with Facebook.

With Facebook based contests, it often the same: brands ask you to “like and comment” on a post in order to participate in a draw for prizes. While this mechanism often generates engagement, it’s become mostly about the prizes and not about the excitement of participating in a contest.

In order to create a social contest that would be exciting both in the way that it’s organized and for the prizes it offered, we came up with a real life event in Bucharest, Romania, that had all the reach and visibility of a social media based contest.

Instead of creating a regular Facebook post or even an interactive application, we actually designed a real, physical slot machine and connected it to the largest outdoor display in all of continental Europe. We then extended invitations to real Sephora fans to come and play.

The first event was hugely successfull, bringing hundreds of fans face to face with Sephora staff in front of the Cocor MediaChannel outdoor screen. Due to high demand we later adapted the campaign and held it inside the AFI Palace mall as well.

For more details, check out the above case study! Also take a look at this article covering the campaign: http://bit.ly/sephora-jackpot-tuio