Jul 11, 2019

Refresh your health in just a few steps with Orbit.

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written by Tuio

It’s odd, in a way. For all its potential to make it easier for us to live healthier, happier lives, it often seems like technology and social media keep us from doing precisely that. As we scroll through the infinite content flowing our way from friends, influencers and brands, we can often stay glued to our screens for as many as 11 hours per day, recent studies show.

User Generated Content - Instagram - Orbit

Hundreds of Instagram Stories were published in the first two weeks of Orbit’s campaign.

Inactivity is actually the fourth-leading risk factor for health around the globe, and Romania ranks second to last in Europe, with less than half of people here engaging in regular physical activity on a regular basis. A proponent of simple healthy habits, Orbit and Tuio challenged users to start moving by walking more in the simplest and most up-to-date way possible.

We leveraged a little known feature which is already available by default in all smart phones: the pedometer, a smple tool which counts your daily steps, and asked users to post the daily number of steps taken as a Story on Instagram. The less private and public transport, the better! To help us amplify our message we also worked with two popular local influencers: Otrava and Diana.

The response was awesome for what was essentially a small series of branded content: we received hundreds upon hundreds of tags in users’ stories, in which they showed us their daily number of steps and their personal best records. The response went well beyond expectations.



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