Aug 29, 2013

Facebook now allows contests that use likes and shares

written by Tuio
Facebook updated it’s Promotions Conditions, allowing contests which use the infamous “Like & Share” mechanisms. This is good news for brands, both large and small, opening the door to faster, spontaneous contests whenever the occasion arises. There are still a few things that you should look out for.

As of now, you can:

• Create contests without the use of dedicated (third party) applications. You can now choose to also create contest directly on your wall.

• You can now use comments, likes, posts and even private messages to your page in order to allow people to enter a contest or as a voting mechanism. (NOT SHARE)

What you should do:

• You should use wall-like-and-share type contests to be spontaneous and creative. We often times use questions in our clients posts but only sometimes make it into a competition and give prizes, this keeps the community really active and engaged!

• In order to still collect info on your fans, you can ask that them to register one time using an application. This way you’ll stil have accurate and complete information and a way for users to click “I Agree” to your own terms and conditions!

What you can’t do:

• Using tags incorrectly, as in asking users to tag themselves in a picture that they’re not actually present in just to paticipate in a contest is not allowed.

• Using the share function is not permitted as a entry or voting mechanism. Probably has to do with too much spam being generated, but technically it’s because it “involves personal profiles”.

• Personal profiles, are obviously still not allowed to do anything business related. 🙂