Jan 22, 2016

Be the star of Sephora’s first game show ever

written by Tuio

If you love makeup, you’ve probably seen a YouTube tutorial (or two). The younger you are, the more likely you are to consume this type of digital video content. In fact, it’s been said that “beauty videos are the new makeup counter,” registering more than 700 million monthly views globallly!

So how could Sephora best tap into audiences which use tutorials as their primary source of inspiration? We created the first ever game show based around makeup tutorials in order to reach them. While we gave the show a tv-like feeling, we used social media for the distribution of this unique video content.

We created the first ever game show based on makeup tutorials in order to reach an audience which uses this type of digital video content as their prime source of inspiration.

Like any respectable game show, our first step was to recruit participants. We reviewed hundreds of video submissions in order to select the lucky seven participants for Sephora Beauty Challenge. To make the experience more tv-like, we even recruited television celebrity Anca Serea as our host.

We then pitched seven contestants against each other in a race of skill and time. For every episode they received a package containing cosmetic products which they had to use in a challenging way. Contestsants filmed themselves, later to be evaluated by a panel of expert judges in our studio.

For the final round we invited the two top contestants to face off with a special episode recorded inside one of the retailers stores in Bucharest. The series was professionally produced so as to resemble the highly popular game shows which romanians are familiar with.

With a total of six short form episodes we were able to reach an audience of over three million unique users accross platforms – an audience equivalent to two full days of prime time television in Romania. The “Made in Sephora” brand of beauty products therefore gained prime visibility as part of the show.

For more details, view our case study above or visit www.beautychallenge.ro. Also take a look at this article (in romanian) covering the campaign: http://bit.ly/sephora-beauty-challenge

Video content from Sephora Beauty Challenge is embedded below:
Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Meeet the contestants – Episode 0

Contouring Challenge – Episode 1

Fantasy makeup challenge – Episode 2

Left handed challenge – Episode 3

Odd product challenge – Episode 4

Party look challenge – Episode 5

Grand finale – Episode 6

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